Class 8 Model Activity Task English September) Part 6 Question & Answers




Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

King Arthur could gift peace and prosperity to England. The greedy barons were unhappy with King Arthur because he was gentle and just. He married the beautiful Lady Guinevere, daughter of the king of Cornwall. On the wedding day, Merlin took him to a richly gilded pavilion, painted crimson and dark blue. The floor was marbled. In the middle of the room was a huge, round, oak table, richly carved, capable of seating fifty people. This was the famous round table around which gathered King Arthur’s devoted knights. These knights promised that they would help the helpless, be gentle to the weak and punish the wicked. To keep their vows, the knights undertook countless hazardous adventures. The stories of their goodness and kindness spread throughout the country.

A. Complete the following sentences with information from the passage: 

(i) The reign of King Arthur gifted England _____________

Ans:  peace and prosperity.

(ii) Lady Guinevere was the daughter of _____________

Ans: the king of Cornwall.

(iii) The richly gilded pavilion was painted _____________

Ans: crimson and dark blue.


B. Answer the following questions: 

(i) Why were the barons unhappy ?

Ans: The barons were unhappy because they were so greedy.


(ii) Give a brief description of the pavilion where Merlin took King Arthur.

Ans: The pavilion was painted crimson and dark blue, the floor was marbled. in the middle of the room was a huge, round, oak table, richly carved, capable of seating fifty people.


(iii) What did the knights promise King Arthur? 

Ans: Knights promised to King Arthur that they will help the helpless .


Change into Indirect speech: 

(i) My father said to me, “May God bless you.” 

Ans: My father wished me that God might bless you.


(ii) The police officer said, “Don’t go there.”

Ans: The police officer advised no to go there.


(iii) Ravi said, “The earth revolves round the sun.”

Ans: Ravi said that the earth revolves round the sun.

(iv) The Headmaster said to me, “Where do you live?”

Ans: The Headmaster asked me where I lived.


Classify the Principal clause and the Subordinate clause of the following sentences and write them in the table given below :

(i) As it is raining I will not go out.

(ii) It is certain that a barking dog does not bite.

(iii) This is the place where Rabindranath was born.

(iv) What he says is not true.

(v) If you meet Jarin, give her this book.


Principal ClauseSubordinate / Dependent Clause
(i) I will not go outAs it is raining
(ii) It is certainthat a barking dog does not bite.
(iii) This is the placewhere Rabindranath was born.
(iv) (It) is not true.What he says
(v) Give her this book.If you meet Jarin

Write a paragraph in about 80 words on the life of the famous painter and writer Abanindranath Tagore. You may use the following points:  7

Birth: 7 August,1871 at Jorasanko, Calcutta

Parents: Gunendranath Tagore and Saudamini Devi

Siblings: Gagenendranath Tagore and Sunayani Devi

Education: Government College of Art and Craft, Sanskrit College, University of Calcutta

Famous for: Drawing, painting and writing

Notable work of art: Bharat Mata, The passing of Shah Jehan

Important books: Khirer Putul, Raj Kahini, Buro Angla etc.

Death: 5 December 1951        

Abanindranath Tagore was the principal artist and creator of the “Indian Society of Oriental Art”.  On 7 august, 1871 Abanindranath Tagore was born in Jorasanko, Calcutta, British India, to Gunendranath Tagore and Saudamini Tagore. He had a sister, Sunayani Deví. Tagore learned art when studying at Sanskrit College, Kolkata in the 1880s.

In 1890, around the age of twenty years, Abanindranath attended the Calcutta School of Art where he learnt to use pastels from O. Ghilardi, and oil painting from C. Palmer, European painters who taught in that institution.

His idea of modernizing Mughal and Rajput paintings eventually gave rise to modern Indian painting, which took birth at his Bengal school of art. some of his notable painting are Bharat Mata, The passing of Shah Jahan , Ganash Janani e.t.c.

Abanindranath is also regarded as a proficient and accomplished writer. Most of his literary works were meant for children. Some of his books like ‘Budo Angla’, ‘Khirer Putul’ and ‘Raj kahini’ are best examples of Bengali children’s literature. The famous artist died on 5 December, 1951. 


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